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Microphone Sound Editing

Timothy Bond

Mastering - Mixing - Audio

Sound Design - Composition


Why hire a mastering engineer?

A mastering engineer is a fresh pair of ears that will objectively listen to your tracks. Making subtle changes to the overall mix adds shine and sparkle that elevates your tracks to a professional release standard.

Hi, I'm Tim Bond. I have worked in music for over three decades as a performer, teacher, recording and mixing engineer, producer, composer and mastering engineer.

I have an ongoing collaboration with MediaTracks music library for whom I have mastered dozens of albums in a wide range of styles from flamenco guitar to Brass Band to Drum & Bass!

I have recorded and produced dozens of audiobooks working with and coaching authors recording their own books as well as editing professional self-recording Voice-Over artists for distribution on major sites such as Audible.

I have an MMus in composing for Film & TV and am currently studying for a PhD in composing for specific spaces where I am researching the use of spatial acoustics as the basis for music creation in multi-channel and binaural formats.

Tim James 01.jpg


Master your track from either stems or a stereo file.

Mix & master your multi-track. 

Audiobook proofing, editing and mastering.

Sound design, surround sound composition.


MediaTracks Music.jpeg

Sound Design & Composition

Here is a selection of composed sound pieces for stereo and multi-speaker diffusion


The Chapel

A binaural recording of an 8 channel surround sound design composition

Screenshot 2023-06-27 at 18.36.44.png

That Was Peter Crowe

Alternate sound design for a short film - stereo


Air-Raid Shelter

Binaural renderof a 5 channel in-line sound design composition

Screenshot 2023-06-27 at 18.47.18.png

A Moment In Time

String quartet - stereo

Screenshot 2023-06-27 at 18.29.31.png


Zurich Film Competition Entry - for traditional orchestra in Stereo


SoundCloud Playlist

Several compositions with standrd instruments - stereo



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+(44) 7973727994

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